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My Grandfather came to the states as a 16 year old German cabinet maker . Later in life he started a lumber and millwork business with my father which is still in existence today headed towards a fourth generation. Thus, the family joke that we had sawdust in our blood.  I guess that this explains my love and affinity for woodworking. I built my first mandolin in 1980 out of scraps from the Wurlitzer Piano Factory Dumpster ( I was in Utah away from family lumberyard) . It was a basic flattop "Flat Iron" copy. It was a great improvement over my plywood top "Kay" mandolin, and is still playable today, 36 years later. At the time, being a Luthier didn't seem like a viable alternative so I went into the family business, while building furniture and instruments at my leisure. I built my first F style in 2000 after discovering the Guild of American Luthiers. Their publications have given many luthiers the knowledge that would have required an apprenticeship in the past. In some aspects a better education than an apprenticeship since you get more than just one persons viewpoint. I have experimented with different Mandolin designs and construction methods noting their affects on sound and play-ability. Though my experience has mostly been with the Mandolin family I am interested in all stringed instruments . 
          At this stage in life I have more time to devote to building instruments. I get great satisfaction when the finished product comes to life . I feel that my instruments are a great value in beauty, sound, play-ability and durability.  My goal is to constantly improve my skills and earn a reputation for quality hand made instruments and of course, build one for you.      


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